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Number of Visitors / Search Engine Rankings

Below are the statistics for the month of August 2003. Over 65,000 visits in August alone, and 21,919 unique IPs. There were over 7 million hits in August. Keep in mind that during August, there were no new episodes of Justice League. Traffic can only increase with the debut of the second season. More detailed statistics are available upon request.

When doing a search for words “Justice League” on Google, the Internet’s most popular search engine, comes in second, only behind Cartoon Network’s official site. It even places above Warner Bros’ Justice League sites. It is also listed in Yahoo’s directories. Note that Yahoo uses Google to perform it’s non-directory searches.

Link to Google Search Results

Link to Yahoo Directories

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Product Reviews

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Here are a few examples:

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  • WB Home Video sent preview copies of the Justice League and Batman DVDs.

  • UbiSoft sent a copy of their new video game, Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu in exchange for ad space.

Rates and Contact Information

Advertising deals and product reviews will be handled on a case to case basis, but rates are reasonable and fully negotiable. If you are interested in purchasing advertising space or sending product to be reviewed please contact At we are open to proposals, so if you have an idea for a way to promote your service, website, product, or whatever, please contact us so we can assist you in anyway possible.

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