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San Diego Comic Con: Justice League Voice Actors

Perhaps the best part of Comic-Con was the insane number of celebrities that I met and took pictures with. On Friday and Saturday of the Con, I managed to catch a number of the Justice League voices, and thought I'd share my pictures, signatures and what I said to them.

Before the screening of "Mystery of the Batwoman" (review coming soon), Alan Burnett (story), Kevin Conroy (Batman), Curt Geda (director) and Michael Reaves (script) were signing Batwoman posters. I got all their autographs, but only managed to take a picture with Alan Burnett. I didn't get to say much to him, but told him about the site.

Great Meeting You

I actually caught up to Kevin Conroy at the Batwoman Premiere, and would meet him again at the Justice League signing the next day. I don't remember what I said to him, but I basically complimented him and he was extremely friendly.

God Bless

George Newbern, once again I just told him he did a great job on the series, and he was more than happy to take a photo and sign something for me.

Stay Wet!

I told Scott Rummel, aka Aquaman, that they should do more episodes with him. He told me to watch out for the second season, as he had some great episodes in it.

All The Best!

I told Carl Lumby, that he was the perfect voice for Martian Manhunter, and he thanked me. My brother complimented him on his TV movie on the Disney Channel.

Thanks for listening!

My brother was really excited to meet Phil Lamarr, mainly cause he was on Mad TV. In any case I told him I liked his work on Static Shock and the Justice League.

Great Hera!

Susan Eisenberg, was really friendly and had the best autograph...Great Hera! I told her that the readers really wanted to know what a "real" Wonder Woman looked like.

Best Wishes!

Finally I got to meet with Bruce Timm, who was nice to me. I asked him if he had been to the site, and he actually told me that he had, and that it was pretty good. Woot! It totally made my day when I realized some of these guys had actually visited before!

Overall everybody was extremely nice and happy to meet with the fans. I basically told everyone that I loved their work (which I do), and they were more than happy to do something small for the huge line of people waiting to talk to them.

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