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San Diego Comic Con: Deadpool!

Those of you who know me, know that my favorite comic character is Deadpool?well okay that?s a lie, Batman and Superman are easily my favorites, but Deadpool has to hold a special place in my heart as the first comic that I made an effort to buy monthly and seek out every back issue and appearance.

On the first night at comic-con I headed over to the new Street Fighter comic book, cause I?m a huge Street Fighter fan. I was flipping through the artwork when I saw a couple of Deadpool comic book covers. I literally said ?Holy ****! You draw DEADPOOL?? Now that I think about it, it should have been obvious. I just completely forgot that Udon studios was drawing Street Fighter, and that Udon were also the guys who did a run of Deadpool a while back.

In any case, I came back the next day and got Alvin Lee, the penciler, to draw me a sketch of Deadpool. I don?t know if he was freaked out that I was such a big fan, or flattered. Probably a bit of both.

I also managed to seek out Joe Kelly. (sorry no picture of him) Who happens to be one of my favorite comic book writers. He?s responsible for the greatest run of Deadpool ever. I managed to talk to him for a good five minutes, and I told him I loved the humor in his book, and that his writing was what really got me into buying comics every week. I asked him if he?d ever go back to writing Deadpool, and he said no, but I wasn?t too disappointed, because he had already wrapped up his story arc nicely and there was no real reason to go back. (unlike say Batman Beyond :) He did tell me he?d like to get back to writing humor, as he hasn?t had a chance to do that since Superboy. He?s currently writing JLA, which is also having a great run of comics.

I asked him to autograph my book, but he did me one better and drew a Deadpool profile! Two Deadpool profiles in one day! Honestly meeting these guys was one of the biggest highlight of the con.

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