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Thoughts on Twilight

To put it simply, this is what all Justice League episodes should have been like, and what every future Justice League episode should aspire to. I remember first watching Legacy, the series finale of Superman: TAS, and recalling that there was simply no way to follow it up, cause nothing could have been better than the way Legacy ended. I was wrong, Twilight was the way to follow it up. Everything was done right in Twilight and is easily one of if not the best Justice League Episode to date. I thought it?d touch on some of the aspects that made the episode so good.

Darkseid Needs Help

The Scope: The Justice League should always be dealing with problems of a worldwide scale. A few episodes in the first season seemed as if they could have been handled by a single hero, and didn?t really need a League of heroes to solve them. In Legacy the League has to deal with saving Apokolips, defeating Brainiac and Darkseid, while being caught in the middle of a New Gods war. I?m not saying that every episode has to be this big of a conflict, but the League shouldn?t be having problems chasing a B-Level villain trying to get away in a truck.

A Younger Superman

Superman Returns: It?s nice to see the young, ?less? mature Superman back. No more cheekbone lines, and back to sleeker look. I hated the fact that they had to change voices from S:TAS, but that?s not to say that George Newbern has been bad, it?s just I don?t like change. Still he seems to finally be settling into his role, and I barely noticed a difference between Legacy and Twilight. Even more important is that it?s nice to see Superman use his powers to their full extent. Not only did he use his heat vision more, but he used it where it made sense. I hope to see him use it more often rather than just punch his way through everything. Even when he?s using his super strength, I?d like to see it used more creatively. Remember in Apokolips Now! when Superman drilled holes through the seafloor to cool down a firepit? When was the last time he did something like that? He used his powers well in Twilight and here's hoping Superman continues to do so in season 2.

Superman Vs. Darkseid...Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!

Superman Vs. Darkseid II: Bigger and better. Think the end of Legacy could never be topped? Think again. Crazy omega beams, heat vision through a foot, slow-mo final punch? This was what Mongul vs. Superman should have been. Let?s see more of Twilight Superman, and less of Warworld Superman.

Tension Builds

Batman vs. Superman: It was never touched on before in Season 1, but these two should constantly be at each other?s throats. In World?s Finest there was a mutual respect between them, but it was obvious they didn?t like how the other operated. In Twilight we see more of this, and their relationship should be fleshed out more. Superman and Batman are obviously the most popular heroes, and the glue that holds the League together. We should see more of this relationship. Hopefully Twilight means the beginning of more banter between Clark and Bruce.

Hawkgirl misses Hawkman

Other Heroes: Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl were used well and it was nice to tie in Thanagar with Brainiac where appropriate. Hopefully Hawkgirl and her home planet will get an episode of their own in the future. Something that sort of bugged me was that for an episode involving cosmic factors, it doesn?t make sense that Green Lantern wasn?t in the episode. Wonder Woman should have been dropped for Earth?s cosmic guardian. Orion?s guest appearance was appropriate and added to Superman and Darkseid?s final battle. At the end of the episode I said to myself, "Holy crap, Darkseid just mopped the floor with Brainiac and Orion...what chance does Superman have?"

That's gotta hurt

Brainiac: I think a problem with the first season of Justice League was that they tried to keep all the villains tied in with their original roots instead of creating their own new twists with the villain. For example, instead of using Luthor the same way he had been used during the entire Superman series, we get the ?mad scientist? version of Luthor, and a rather crappy injustice gang. Some villains like Faust, Mongul, Arestia, and Cheetah weren?t up to the power levels appropriate to the League. The creators should focus on updating the villains to "League power", instead of paying tribute to the way they used to be. Brainiac was a good example of taking their version of the character and making him deadlier for the new show. Whereas before Superman could take Brainiac out alone, this time he needed the rest of the League and Apokolips to take him out.

Hawkgirl really misses Hawkman

Twilight takes steps in the right direction, and is hopefully the new standard that episodes are held to and not the exception. It is a bit weak in that you really need to have seen the appropriate Superman episodes for it to be really great, but Cartoon Network solved that problem by airing them together. It is unreasonable that new episodes start in October, and it?s only July. Here?s hoping the hype generated by Twilight will last until then.

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